Soldier Course Brick Pattern

Foundation Impression Panels


soldier course block form


Description: Single-Use 8” x 48” panels connect seamlessly. Vertical (soldier course) brick positioning. Leaves a hand-laid brick impression on exterior surface of poured concrete wall.

Model: FP-SOLD-17, Textured Brick Soldier Course, Wire Cut as manufactured by CEA Niskayuna, LLC

Brick Size: 2-1/4 inches x 7-5/8 inches (57.2 mm x 193.7 mm).

Grout Width: Uniform, 0.417 inch (10.6 mm)

Designed to match seamlessly with:

  • Accessory: Pro Stamp 1’ Corner
  • Accessory: Pro Stamp Textured Brick Foundation Panel FP-TB-17
  • Accessory: Pro Stamp Joint Overlay

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Foundation Impression Panels



  • Be sure the concrete vertical forms are clean and smooth.
  • Starting at a corner, on the inside surface of the exterior side of the concrete form, line the first panel up at the desired height. Fasten to the form, WOOD FORMS: Staples, METAL FORMS: High strength tape  
  • Continue along the concrete form with each subsequent panel, locking/overlapping each panel at the panel joint.
  • At inside corners: use the 1” corner piece at the joint and cut the panels to size.
  • At outside corners: Size and cut the panels to the edge of the form, caulk at the raised “mortar joint” to continue the pattern. Use high strength tape to secure at metal corners, if necessary.
  • After all of the panels are in place, fasten the individual inserts at each panel joint to hide the seams that appear in the pattern.
  • Be sure the edges of the panels are securely fastened to the forms. Fasteners should be used every 3’ – 4”” +/-. (The more staples that are used at the edges and throughout the panels, the better. You do not want to risk allowing concrete to get between the form liner panels and the concrete forms.)
  • Spray a thin coating of the Pro Stamp Release concrete release agent onto the entire surface of the panels. Care should be taken to use a light coating with no runs or pooling in the corners or edges. Wet an absorbent rag with Pro Stamp Release agent and wipe the panels to ensure 100% coverage and to remove excess agent, leaving just a thin coating. NOTE: The PRO STAMP RELEASE agent is a powerful concentrate – excess agent will inhibit concrete from curing properly and may cause air pockets to show.
  • Immediately after the concrete pour, consolidate the concrete with an internal vibrator. This is to help trapped air escape, and help push the mix into every crevice of the panels. Be sure that the vibrator does not touch the form liners.
  • After the concrete has sufficiently cured (for maximum result, at least 48-72 hours after the pour), carefully remove the concrete forms. While removing the forms, use extra caution to remove the forms evenly and perpendicular to the surface of the impression areas.
  • Remove the form liner panels from the finished concrete wall and discard.