Cornerstone Impression Plates – Multi Use

Cornerstone Impression Plates


Description: Multi-Use Plate leaves an impression on exterior surface of poured concrete wall of year wall is built. Other custom plates are available.

Model: Pro Stamp, Cornerstone Plate, as manufactured by CEA Niskayuna, LLC

Plate Size (Part # 816): 7-5/8 inches x 15-5/8 inches (193.67 mm x 396.875 mm)
Plate Size (Part # 1118): 11 inches x 18 inches (279.4 mm x 457.2 mm)
Plate Thickness: Overall, 3/8 inches (9.525 mm)
Plate Thickness: Digit, 3/16 inches (4.762 mm)
Digit Size: Height 4-3/4 inches (120.65 mm)

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  • Be sure surface of the impression plate is clean and dry.
  • Attach the Pro Stamp impression plate onto the inside surface of the exterior side of the concrete vertical form. This location should be where the desired location of the impression is to appear on the finished wall.  1” electro-galvanized roofing nails are recommended for attachment.
  • Spray a thin coating of the PRO STAMP RELEASE concrete release agent onto the plate. Care should be taken to use a light coating with no runs or pooling in corners or edges. Wet an absorbent rag with PRO STAMP RELEASE agent and wipe the plate to ensure 100% coverage and to remove excess agent, leaving just a thin coating.  NOTE: The PRO STAMP RELEASE agent is a powerful concentrate – excess agent will inhibit concrete from curing properly and may cause air pockets to show.
  • Immediately after the concrete pour, consolidate the concrete with an internal vibrator. This is to help trapped air escape, and help push the mix into every crevice of the plate. Be sure that the tool does not touch the impression plate.
  • After concrete is cured (for maximum result, at least 48-72 hours after the pour), carefully remove the concrete forms. While removing the forms, use extra caution to remove the forms evenly and perpendicular to the surface of the impression area.                                                                                       
  • Remove the PRO STAMP impression plate from the concrete form, clean with warm soapy water, dry and store for future use.


  • This product is warranted against defects in the product itself. There is no warranty or guarantee of the quality of the impression on the finished concrete surface due to misuse, concrete mix, weather conditions or normal wear and tear. All product defects must be brought to the attention of the manufacturer prior to use. In no event whatsoever shall CEA Niskayuna, LLC be liable for (A) any special, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use or application of any product of CEA Niskayuna, LLC or (B) any amount greater than the purchase price of any product of CEA Niskayuna, LLC.


  • Always use appropriate eye, skin, hearing, and respiratory protection.


  • This product does not guarantee perfect impressions left in any concrete surface.
  • Residual milling marks on this product are a function of the manufacturing process and are to be expected. They are not considered a material defect.

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