Concrete Impression Plates – FLAT SURFACE

Concrete Impression Plates


Description: Multi-Use Plate leaves an impression on exterior surface of a poured or mixed horizontal concrete slab or structure.  Many custom plates are available.

Model: Pro Stamp, Cornerstone Plate, as manufactured by CEA Niskayuna, LLC

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Plate Size (Part # ):
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  • Be sure surface of the plate is clean and dry.
  • Spray a very thin coating of the PRO STAMP RELEASE concrete release agent on to the plate. Care should be taken to use a light coating with no runs or pooling in corners or edges. Wet an absorbent rag with PRO STAMP RELEASE agent and wipe the plate to ensure 100% coverage and to remove excess agent, leaving just a thin coating.  NOTE: The PRO STAMP RELEASE agent is a powerful concentrate – excess agent will inhibit concrete from curing properly.
  • Place the PRO STAMP impression plate onto the concrete surface in the desired location.
  • Concrete should be just firm enough to allow an impression.
  • Gently, but firmly, set the plate into the surface of the concrete.
  • Carefully remove the plate. Best results are achieved by removing the plate at a 90 degree angle from the project surface.
  • Clean the PRO STAMP impression plate with warm soapy water, dry and store for future use.