Pro Stamp Release Agent MSDS Information

pro stamp release agent MSDS Data Sheet
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Concrete Release Agent



16 FL OZ ( I PT ) 473 mL


Drug Facts:

Active Ingredient Purpose

Use:  To prevent concrete mix from adhering to forms, form liners, or architectural impression plates.

Directions: Spray a very thin coating on the form, form liner or impression plate. Care should be taken to use a light coating with no runs or pooling in corners or edges. Wet an absorbent rag with the agent and wipe the form, form liner or impression plate to ensure 100% coverage and to remove excess agent, leaving just a thin coating. NOTE: The PRO STAMP RELEASE agent is a powerful concentrate – excess agent will inhibit concrete from curing properly.

Warnings: Use in well ventilated areas. Always use protective eye, skin, and respiratory protection. Practice good hygiene and wash any exposed skin and launder contaminated clothing before re-use.

First Aid Measures: Eye Contact– Flush eyes for 30 minutes with water. Get medical attention if irritation persists. Skin Contact– Wash off immediately with soap and plenty of water. Repeated exposure may cause irritation. Remove contaminated clothing and cleanse affected areas immediately. If irritation or redness develops, seek medical attention. Inhalation- Move exposed persons to fresh air. Consult medical personnel if breathing issues occur. Ingestion- DO NOT INDUCE Vomiting. Give 1 or 2 glasses of water to drink. Consult medical personnel if gastrointestinal symptoms develop.

Storage: Keep away from heat and sources of ignition. Store in a cool dry area between 50 F and 120 F. Do not puncture.

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